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These days, with food safety, food security, and personal health grabbing so much attention, CSA is more necessary than ever before. From our perspective, CSA is a promise. We promise to grow safe, healthy food, if you promise to buy it. We are committed to fulfilling this promise.

2018 Main Season CSA signups now open!


In 2018, we offer two ways that you can participate in our Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA Pickup

A vibrant green head of broccoli.

We have joined together with four other certified-organic Douglas County farms in Common Harvest CSA to provide the best selection of fresh and seasonal organic produce and eggs.


Common Harvest CSA Basics:

**24 weeks of the fresh and local: mid-May through the end of October

**3 Lawrence pickup sites:  
     -1 off-campus, at Sunrise Greenhouse; 
     -2 on-campus, at the Stadium or Watkins Health Center 

**2 pickup days: 
     -Tuesdays from 4-6pm at Sunrise Greenhouse or Stadium;
     -Thursdays from 4-6pm at Watkins Health Center

**2 share size options:
     Partial share (4-5 items per bag)
     - $13/week (paid monthly, $52/month; or full season, $312); 
     Full share (6-7 items per bag)
     - $18/week (paid monthly, $72/month; or full season, $432)


Benefits of this CSA option:

**More produce per dollar compared to farmers market

**You can pick up your produce at a quick and convenient location

**You are certain to get a variety of produce

**You get to try some veggies that you normally wouldn't consider

**You will receive our weekly newsletter with farm news, recipes, and each week's expected CSA produce selection.





Market CSA

A vibrant market table with a pile of carrots, onions and cabbage.

The Basics:

**You get a punchcard to be used at your convenience 

**Usable at our Thursday and Saturday farmers market stand

**Comes in $25 or $50 increment punchcards

**You can buy additional cards when you run out


How It Works:

Bring your card with you to our farmers market stand and buy any produce you want. For each purchase, we punch holes in your card in $5 and $1 increments to reflect that purchase. To calculate your purchase total, we will round your purchase down to the nearest dollar (i.e. A purchase of $14.50 will cost you $14 on your punchcard).  


Benefits of this CSA option: 

**Flexibility of buying whatever you want, whenever you want

**No need to remember cash at farmers market

**A great gift idea! 




Striking photo of wet bunches of french breakfast radishes in a black crate.

Mellowfields Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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